Welcome to the Healthier Workplace WA Health and Wellbeing Coordinator Training!

By working through the following four modules, you will gain an understanding of workplace health promotion and the skills needed to develop your own workplace health and wellbeing program.

The course consists of the following four modules, which should only take about 20 minutes each:

  1. Introduction to workplace health
  2. Motivating staff to be healthy
  3. Best practice workplace health promotion
  4. Planning your program

The modules need to be done in order; completing the short quiz at the end of each module will unlock the next. Once you have finished the training, you will be able to download your Certificate of Completion!

After starting the training, if you decide to pause and carry on later, just save the website address, return to the device you were using and we’ll give you the option to resume where you left off. Too easy!